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"The intensive prep helped me achieve the highest score I could ever dream of. My target was actually only a 1800, but a surprise awaited me when I found out I was 30 pts away from 2000. Because of my SAT score, Hunter has given me an additional scholarship on top of my financial aid"

- Stephanie Chong

"The SAT 5-Week program provided a sense of security and a build-up of confidence. The class sizes were small which gave me the attention I needed. I definitely recommend this program to my friends."

- Hannah Lu

"I'm in the Gateway to Medicine major in Tech and I participated in the SAT 5-Week program during my junior year. It not only allowed me to learn how to manage my time and pace myself during the actual exam but also prepared me for the possible types of questions that could be asked."

- Sandra Zhu

I first started A+ in the fourth grade and have been taking classes there ever since. A+ has helped me significantly in ELA and even expanded my math skills. It allowed me to get accepted into Christa McAuliffe and is now helping me practice for the SHSAT test. It has elevated my writing ability, improved my ELA work, and enhanced my math knowledge. Because of A+, I have won several writing contests and math bees at my school. I know that I will receive more awards and will stay ahead of my class if I continue learning at A+.

- Juliana Markovinovic

I've been attending Stuyvesant High School for the past 3 years. I am now approaching my senior year of high school. I made it into this prestigious high school thanks to A+ Academy's intense summer SHSAT preparation. I passed this standardized exam with a 617. Through this course I also learned how to write excellent essays and think faster. I also attended A+ Academy for the SAT course over the summer. Thanks to this course I received a 2200 on the old SAT with a 720 and an 800 in math and english.

- Adam Berri

I currently attend the 11th grade at Stuyvesant High School. I attended the A+ summer class in 2016. A+ Academy mainly helped me improve my speed when it came to both English and math sections on the SAT. I noticed that I was actually finishing the sections on time (compared to having to guess on the last problems before). Not only was I finishing the sections, I was also finishing them with a better score than I was before. Thanks to A+, my score greatly improved and I am more ready than ever for the SAT.

- Arin Kukharsky

"There were a lot of tips and tricks for doing problems in all three subjects, but mainly writing. The teachers got to the point and showed us how to answer the specific pattern of questions that shows up on the SAT. The program pretty much taught me ways to immediately improve my. It’s worthwhile to attend because it can improve your SAT score. It also forces you to do some work, instead of procrastinating until the last week before the SAT."

- Aaron Kuang

"Taking a test every week gave me more than enough exposure to the kinds of questions I would be asked on the real SAT. Practice always makes perfect, so this program allowed me to follow that idea as I grew increasingly familiar with the tests every week. I would definitely recommend this program to friends. The method, of taking a test and then being able to immediately review it, will really push you to do more SAT practice."

- Amy Lei

“The program was very helpful for me because it was essential for me to really get a feel for the test-taking atmosphere and the timing of an actual SAT exam. The program made me realize that I needed to pace myself better during the test because initially, I was not able to complete the sections under the given time. However, the program helped me pace myself and work on my timing."

- Serina Li