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Hunter College High School Admissions Test

Hunter College High School serves students in grades 7-12. Eligibility to take the admissions test is only for students who scored in the 90 percentile or above* on the NY Statewide tests in the 5th grade.

The admissions test is three hours long and is divided into three sections:

  • Critical Reading:
    • 5-6 Passages, 50 multiple-choice questions in total
  • Math:
    • 30 multiple-choice questions based on estimation; computations with fractions, decimals, percents, and whole numbers (not negative numbers); rules of divisibility; simple probability; rate; average; ratio; time; money; area of shaded regions; perimeter; counting; visual and numerical pattern recognition; and three dimensional figures.
  • Writing:
    • Students will write either an essay or  a creative piece.

Eligible students will take the HCHS admissions test in January of their 6th grade year.

*Constantly check the school website under testing eligibility for the release of the statewide cut of score to see if your child is eligible to apply to take the admissions test.