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7G Statewide Saturday 2020 Spring

Class Description

For our 7th grade students, we have both a math and ELA statewide preparation class, and a Pre-SHSAT class. Students will be placed in either class based on their entrance exam scores at our Academy. The statewide preparation class focuses on helping 7th graders to build the foundation of 7th grade common core topics, and in doing so, helping our students prepare for the 7th grade statewide math and ELA exams. Our pre-SHSAT class is designed for advanced 7th graders to begin getting them acquainted with the content of the SHSAT exam (specialized high school entrance exam that takes place at the beginning of the 8th grade). The pre-SHSAT class will provide a combination of 7th grade statewide content and SHSAT content to help your child better prepare for both exams.

7G Statewide Saturday 2020 Spring

20 sessions (01/11/2020- 06/13/2020)

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Please call (718) 715-4778 or email to register