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ACT testing vs. SAT testing

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In the world of college entry exams, there are two that rise above the rest. The SAT and the ACT tests are the standards set for entry into college. While both are accepted at all four year colleges and universities, many question the quality of the exams and their chances in achieving a higher score. Navigating through the college admissions process can be difficult, so hopefully we can provide some insight into the differences between the two.

Which Test Should You Take?

There’s a rumor stating that the SAT exam is accepted by more colleges in comparison to the ACT test. This is completely untrue. As said above, almost every college and university in the country takes both into consideration for admission. No college has expressed a preference for either. Students have the option to take both and to just provide the higher score.

Some people have claimed that the ACT was easier than the SAT, which is also false. While they are different tests completely, there are some students that would score better on the ACT than they would on the SAT; just as there are students that would receive a higher score on the SAT than they would the ACT. Both assessments are standardized for college entry.

The ACT is shorter than the SAT but it isn’t by much. There is actually only a 20 minute difference that includes in-between breaks and an optional essay. The important thing to know is that both tests are marathon sessions and you should prepare yourself for that as best as possible.

Preparing for Testing

Just having the general knowledge may not be enough to ensure a high enough score to make your college application appealing for admissions. To make sure you have the best chances at gaining entry into your preferred college or university you may want to consider for some additional help for preparing for these tests. At A+ Academy, we can provide you with the assistance you need.

We have had 20 years of experience with preparing students in the Brooklyn area for the grueling testing process. Our licensed instructors have had more than 20 years of experience to help you receive the highest score on your testing attempts. Whether you decide to take the ACT test, the SAT test, or both, let us help prepare you for the long process involved. It isn’t just a matter of sitting down for an hour to take a test. Each exam, including breaks, takes over three hours to complete. So you need to not only be prepared for the testing content, but the marathon session itself. To help prepare you for this, we provide simulated testing environments so close to the real deal that when the time comes, you will be ready.

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